We all know how intimidating this view can be…

1. Tap the corners of your canvas to auto-detect the edges and establish your work area.

2. Start a new drawing session or resume a previous one. 

3. When starting a new session: capture an object you wish to draw from your surroundings or place a virtual object in front of you by browsing a 3D gallery.

4. When capturing an object, close your left eye and trace the contour of the object with your fingertip.

(The headset’s stereo cameras capture 3D objects as well as your fingertip motion and compensate for the perspective discrepancy to determine the desired object.)

In case the object wasn’t captured correctly, you can edit the selection by adding or deleting outlines.

Let's Start Drawing

The plus button at the lower left corner of the canvas expands to display the full range of features.

Optionally display music controls at the bottom of the page for easy access. Both can be moved anywhere on the canvas by holding and dragging.

Earn points when you correctly draw the form of the object, which is highlighted in green.

Receive guidance whenever you’re getting off track. Arrows will point you to the problematic area and you will be advice on how to improve your drawing. Instant guidance is available in the main menu.

The “Peek” option superimposes a photo of the object on top of your drawing for reference or if you’re simply wondering how accurate you are.

Receive a report card with a final grade which is a aggregate of 3 sub-categories: proportions, contour and your success in capturing the overall essence of the object. Included is a timelapse video with the options to be shared on social networks