Music has traditionally been an auditory experience, but why should it be limited to one sense? This project was born out of my love for hip-hop and fascination with quantification. I love RapGenius, but my analytical mind has left me desiring more than annotations; I want to visualize rhyme schemes, metaphors, analogies, similes and etc. I want to see how the use of a certain literary element has evolved over the course of an artist’s discography, offering insight into their lyrical evolution.

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“…looks very interesting, especially to those studying music and pop culture. I suggest you contact Armand Leroi.”

Mark Pagel

Fellow of Royal Society

“It seems very exciting. It appears to delve into a class of data that I did not think was readily accessible.”

Armand Leroi

Professor of Evolutionary Biology

“Holy crap dude this is amazing!!!”



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Every artist has a unique literary fingerprint.

Explore the use of literary devices over the course of their discography and see how they’ve evolved over time. 

Isolate literary devices such as alliterations to view the top rated ones as voted by the community and visualize their use among albums to see discographical trends over time.

See how artists rank on multiple fronts: lyricism, cultural impact and sales as you browse and learn about their body of work.

Ever wonder what classic albums are made of? Explore an album’s literary DNA to gain insight behind the lyrics you love.

Wonder how many alliterations there are in a given album? Easily visualize how often and where they appear- right on top of song’s actual sound wave graph! Click to see the lyrics or even better- hear them.

See rhymes, don’t just read them.

Visualize literary elements while exploring statistics such as lyrical complexity, unique rhymes, average syllables per bar and literary distribution.

Explore individual rhyme schemes by isolating them for closer examination.

The “Literary Spectrogram” color codes lyrics with the respective literary elements they represent as well as show the literary composition.

Of course no lyrical analysis would be complete without the RapGenius annotations we’ve all come to love.

No two artists are alike.

Visually compare their literary differences and see what makes them unique.